Two Peculiar Trailers For The Argentinian Superhero Comedy Zenitram

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when I finally sat down to watch the two truly bizarre trailers for writer/director Luis Barone’s upcoming superhero flick “Zenitram.” The clips embedded below are completely without dialogue, leaving you to figure out the specifics on your own. As far as I can tell, Zenitram is a coke-addicted superhero who battles and array of adversaries that he may, in fact, be ill-equipped to properly handle. “Scarface” alumni Steven Bauer figures into this strange little cinematic concoction, and there are apparently several supervillains to contend with, as well. As zany and low-budget as the movie appears to be, I have to see it looks somewhat entertaining. Keep in mind, however, that “Super Mario Brothers,” “Troll 2,” and “Captain America” figure prominently into my personal movie collection. It’s nice to have a frame of reference, isn’t it?

Here’s a synopsis, courtesy of 24 Frames Per Second:

A black comedy set in a futuristic and decaying Buenos Aires, the movie stars Juam Minujin and Steven Bauer in the tale of Rubén a poor Argentine from the slums, struggling to come to terms with his Cocaine habit!? and newly discovered superpowers. With his tongue firmly in cheek, Zenitram director Luis Barone seems intent on parodying mainstream super hero movies (the scene in the “superhero hospital” rehab centre looks especially funny) through Rubén’s fall from grace. But he has thrown in a more generic sub plot – where Zenitram must fight an evil corporation who are intent on stealing the cities dwindling water supply – to add to the mix.

I want to see “Zenitram” the way most people want to see “Iron Man 2.” Sad? Probably. Please withhold your scornful judgment until you witness the trailers below.