Two Posters and a Creepy Trailer for the Thai Horror Outing Ladda Land

I’m really starting to dig some of the horror movies that are coming out of Thailand these days. Yes, I know a lot of people feel that the Asian horror genre is kind of played out, but I’m still kind of unnerved by female ghosts with long black hair. As overused and hokey as it is, the imagery still works for me, and I’m willing to embrace these eerie little endeavors until the gimmick loses its charm. The trailer for the upcoming Thai ghost story “Ladda Land” isn’t too far removed from the likes of “The Ring” and “The Grudge”, but as an unwavering fan of the genre, I’m willing to give it a go just for the hell of it. It’s your typical “cute family moves into haunted house” affair, but the atmosphere feels right. The clip, as well as a pair of posters, are positioned below for your convenience.

via Film Smash