Two Posters and Release Info for Jackie Chan’s Historical Epic 1911

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Believe it or not, Jackie Chan has made 100 movies. How many actors can honestly say they’ve participated in that many cinematic endeavors? Very few, I’m sure. The talented actor’s latest effort, the historical drama “1911”, was recently picked up for distribution by Well Go USA and Showbox for release in the US and the UK, respectively. Exact release information in these territories isn’t available as of this writing, though yours truly is hoping the film will see the light of day sometime next year. In my humble and extremely biased opinion, it’s kind of cool that Chan has been around for so long. He might not be able to flip and spin and break bones as much as he used to, but the guy is still out there doing his thing. That’s an impressive feat in and of itself.

Here’s a quick rundown of the plot:

Starring Chan and co-directed by the star and Zhang Li, 1911 tells the story of the founding of the Republic of China when Sun Yat-sen’s forces overthrew the Ming Dynasty. Sun is played by look-alike Chinese actor Zhao Wen Xuan. Li Bingbing and Joan Chen also star. The film started shooting in September and will be released in October 2011.

Thanks to Film Smash for the scoop.

Author: Todd Rigney

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  • X_rey69

    I don’t where you get your info but there a mistake on your article, it is not possible for Sun Yat Sen to overthrow the Ming dynasty given that the dynasty ended in the 1600’s and the film is call 1911. I think you meant the Ching dynasty which was the dynasty which came after the Ming.