Two Reasons why Uwe Boll is Kinda Awesome

You can’t be a self-respecting fanboy out there in the Interwebs if you don’t proclaim your utter hatred and disdain for Uwe Boll and his movies, and to be sure, his movies are pretty reekish, but let’s face it, much of the hatred directed at this guy is just plain silly. For instance, how could you hate Uwe Boll when he’s this tongue-in-cheek about his own “genius”? Boll has done two interviews on TV that have completely turned around my opinions on him, and both were on Fox News’ late-night gabfest Red Eye (this thing comes on at 2:00 in the friggin’ morning where I live!). If you’ve never seen Red Eye, it’s one of those shows that you can believe is on Fox News. Thank God for insomnia.

The first wacky interview (Host: “You’ve become the go-to guy for movies based on videogames. Why?” Uwe Boll: “Money.” Hah!):

The second and more recent interview, where Uwe Boll proclaims the genius of “Postal” and talks about monkeys raping star Verne Troyer: