Two Trailers for OneChanbara Beauty Sequel: Vortex

The first one was so good, they had to make a sequel. Okay, so maybe “so good” is not the right phrasing. More like, so good for what it was, they had to make another one. Yup, that sounds about right. Mind you, I loved the first “Onechanbara” through and through (read our review of it here). Hot chicks in bikinis slicing zombies up with swords? Check. A leather-clad babe with a shotgun that never runs out of bullets? Priceless. If you were one of those people who enjoyed themselves with the first one, the second one should be twice as good. Or at least, the filmmakers seem to have doubled up on the sexy babe killing zombies factor.

Via CrystalAcids, it appears that Aya, the bikini-clad cowgirl, is back but this time played by Yuu Tejima, who replaces Eri Otoguro from the first movie. Kumi Imura steps in for Chise Nakamura as Saki, Aya’s step-sis, who is supposed to be dead. Wait, so how does she come back? Eh, who cares. Also back from the dead is Reiko, this time played by Akari Ozawa, replacing Manami Hashimoto. A new cast, a new villain, but all the same bikini-clad Samurai action. Also, I noticed that the fat guy is missing from the trailers.

Two trailers for “Onechanbara Beauty: Vortex” below. The first one is a quick 30-second tease, but the second one is a much longer minute and a half full trailer. Chances are if you want to see this thing you’ll just have to wait for it to find its way to the States as an import. The film is scheduled to be released to DVD in Japan on July 3rd.