Two Weeks Notice (2002) Movie Review

Having learned her lesson with the unfortunate “Murder By Numbers”, Sandra Bullock is now back in a Romantic Comedy that matches her up against shallow leading man Hugh Grant, who plays a shallow land developer ala Donald Trump (who actually makes a cameo appearance). Offering nothing more and certainly nothing less than what its genre conventions can muster, “Two Weeks Notice” is a somewhat funny, mostly charming, but always harmless way to pass the time.

Sandra Bullock plays Lucy Kelson, a hippie lawyer who becomes the corporate counselor to breezy businessman George Wade (Huge Grant) when George offers her employment in exchange for saving a youth center scheduled for demolition. The thought of Lucy going to work for a corporate pig like George is distasteful to everyone around Lucy, but Lucy reasons that by working for George she can get him to donate vast amounts of money to her causes and at the same time undermine the system from the inside. Or at least that’s the plan.

After a year goes by, the two begin to develop feelings for each other. (What, you didn’t see it coming?) It turns out Lucy is incapable of keeping a boyfriend and George has accepted his role as second banana to his brother, who is the real power behind the company. When working for the needy and indecisive George becomes too much, Lucy gives him her two weeks notice. Alicia Witt shows up in the second half as Lucy’s potential replacement, whose appearance prompts Lucy to confront her feelings for George, and vice versa.

There is nothing very edgy about “Two Weeks Notice”, and I’m quite sure that’s what writer/director Marc Lawrence, who has directed Bullock in two other Romantic Comedies, intended. The setting is New York City, but the film has as much interest in delving into the world of land development as the screenplay does for studying the effects of a hippie lawyer going to work for a man who destroys the Earth in order to put up tall buildings.

“Two Weeks Notice” is funny enough and its romantic elements are, well, romantic enough to satisfy. The two leads are attractive people and they’ve played these same roles many times before, and if they’re smart, they’ll play these same roles many times more. Hugh Grant is essentially playing the same part he did in “About a Boy” and numerous others; and Sandra Bullock, who had gone off the Romantic Comedy reservation a couple of times, jumps back on the horse without missing a beat.

If you like Romantic Comedies, you’ll like “Two Weeks Notice”.

‘Nuff said.

Marc Lawrence (director) / Marc Lawrence (screenplay)
CAST: Sandra Bullock …. Lucy Kelson
Hugh Grant …. George Wade

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