Twohy Says Pitch Black 3 is Possible

So sue me. I’m a fan of the “Pitch Black” franchise, and I even enjoyed “The Chronicles of Riddick” despite all of its faults. And yes, there were many of them. It was too big, too clunky, too much of everything and not enough of the one thing that made “Pitch Black” great to begin with — Riddick against the world. Instead, we got space invasions, Elementals, and bloody hell, Dame Judi Dench???? Now the franchise’s director, David Twohy, has offered fans of the series some news regarding the third installment of the further adventures of everyone’s favorite night-vision convict via his official site. In short: Yes, they’re talking about making a third movie, but if it happens, it’ll be on a “Pitch Black” budget ($22 million) and not a “Chronicles of Riddick” budget (way too much).

Here are Twohy’s exact words (via):

Okay, okay, now on to the really important stuff like “What the f**k is happening with RIDDICK?” Yes, I get your emails demanding another movie; yes, I keep bumping into you guys in airports and at conventions and I take your pleas to heart. All I can say now is “We’re talking about it.” The DVD numbers were really good – we know that, and some potential financiers know that. But if another movie surfaces, it probably won’t be a Universal movie and probably will be an independent movie. Which means we’ll have to make it for substantially less than the last installment. But that’s okay. PITCH BLACK was $22 million all in. Maybe it’s time to go back to our roots – as we go on to The UnderVerse.

David, my friend, this is a blessing in disguise. The only thing wrong with “Chronicles of Riddick” was the big ass budget they gave you. You went nuts with it; you did crazy stuff that had nothing to do with Riddick the character. The only part of “Chronicles” that was the “Riddick” we love was the prison planet sequence!

Don’t get me wrong. I still liked “Chronicles of Riddick”, but then again, you give me space invasions and ray guns and I’ll probably love it, so that’s not saying much.

So a lower budget will do wonders for this movie. If I was Twohy, I would jettison the whole UnderVerse thing completely. I don’t know why Twohy is still clinging to it. It was just so stupid to begin with. Go back to Riddick’s roots. Put him back in The Slam and take it from there.

Twohy Says Pitch Black 3 is Possible