Tyler Perry’s Alex Cross Sequel Will Finally Give the Audience What it Wants

Jamie Foxx as Tyler Perry-Madea

“Alex Cross” starring Tyler Perry probably seemed like a no-brainer to the studio. (And I have to admit, I thought so, too.) After all, Tyler Perry has put out some awful movies, and they’ve still managed to make millions and millions. His fanbase is that strong. So combine Perry with the popular Alex Cross books and wham! Instant hit, right? Not so much, as it turns out. “Alex Cross” was made for $35 million and has only managed $25 million so far in worldwide box office.

So what was missing? I think it’s obvious. That would be, er, Madea. The sassy black woman that Tyler Perry plays in drags, and the star of those unfathomably popular Madea movies. What better way to turn “Alex Cross 2” into a hit than add Madea into the mix? That’s exactly what Saturday Night Live was thinking.

Here’s Jamie Foxx as Perry/Madea in a “trailer” for “Alex Cross 2: Madea: Special Ops”. Hello!