Tyrese Gibson is Green Lantern in the Justice League?

Okay, so Jessica Biel won’t be wowing us with her Amazonian physique by playing the Amazonian Princess Wonder Woman in the upcoming Justice League movie (how could you turn down such a ginormous movie, Jessica???), but the latest buzz around the upcoming comic book film is that Tyrese Gibson, last seen battling giant alien robots from outer space in “Transformers”, wants to slip on the green ring to play Green Lantern. As revealed already, the Green Lantern that will be showing up in the JLA movie will be John Stewart, an African-American who takes over for Hal Jordan, the original GL. So in that respect, Gibson nabbing the role would be a perfect fit. And seriously, I can’t think of anyone else who seems to love comic book movies as much as Gibson, who has been trying to get both the Black Panther and Luke Cage into production, like, since the Ice Age or sumthin’.

More from Movies.com:

The latest: that Transformers co-star Tyrese Gibson will play the Green Lantern in the George Miller’s comic-book flick. Mania.com reports that Gibson, who is also believed to be attached to the movie adaptation of another comic book, Luke Cage, joins Jessica Biel as a potential Wonder Woman and Ryan Reynolds as a potential Flash as the frontrunners for the 2010 JLA.

You’ll notice that they are still saying that Biel is a “potential” Wonder Woman, when in fact it’s already been widely reported that she’s passed on the role. Plus, the Ryan Reynolds as the Flash thing.

As a result, take this report for what you will.

Tyrese Gibson is Green Lantern in the Justice League?