Tyrese vs. Ice Cube for the B.A. Baracus Role in The A-Team

John Singleton, the writer-director of the upcoming big-screen remake of “The A-Team” has got a problem on his hands — two of his former muses, Ice Cube and Tyrese, both wants to be in his movie, and they apparently both want to play the same part. Besides that, they’re actively and publicly lobbying for the role, telling pretty much everyone with a pen or paper (or computer keyboard) that they really, really want that role, and that they would just rock all kinds of ways playing it, gosh darn it! What’s a movie director from the hood to do? Probably give the role of B.A. Baracus to one or the other, I would imagine.

Originally, Tyrese Gibson (“2 Fast 2 Furious”, the upcoming “Transformers 2”) had mentioned that he was up for the part of B.A. Baracus, originally played by Mister T in the TV series. But whoops, Ice Cube has also been saying the same thing, and as recently as a few days ago all but told the L.A. Times that he would be playing Baracus. Now here comes Tyrese, telling the blokes over at Latino Review that he still has his hands on “The A-Team”, and all they’re doing is waiting for a script to start things rolling.

Says Tyrese to LR:

But the big news is his confirmation about The A-Team. Playboy bunny bikini waxer Devin over at Chud ran a story back in May about Tyrese wanting to play B.A. Baracus, the role made famous by Mr. T but that nothing was set in stone.

Here’s what Tyrese said when asked about it at Comic-Con:

Latino Review: There’s rumors you’re gonna do A-Team, is it true?

Tyrese: Yes sir. Soon as that script come back in and they tweak that thing out, we gonna go ahead and get movin’.

What I think is interesting is he doesn’t say that he’s playing B.A. Ice Cube has been rumored as the guy to fill those shoes for a while.

Of course he’s going for the role of B.A. Baracus, guys at LR. Tyrese is black. Why would a black actor take a role in a movie based on the bloody “A-Team” TV show if it’s NOT to play Baracus?

It’ll be a blast to see how this thing shakes out, though. Ice Cube or Tyrese? You decide. Angry, pudgy black dude with a chip on his shoulder, or unnaturally ripped black dude who makes all other dudes jealous?

Ice Cube vs. Tyrese for the A-Team