UFC Tough Guy Randy Couture Joins Stallone’s Expendables

Gosh, it must be nice to have “Mr. Stallone” pick up the phone and call you so he can tell you about the latest tough guy he’s cast in his Tough Guy Palooza aka “The Expendables” movie. The only person who ever calls me is that guy from the D.P.S. to ask for donations, just because I gave him a couple of bucks two years ago, apparently that was enough to put me on their master list of “Must Call For Donations Every Frakkin’ Saturday”. But I digress. The latest tough guy name to join the growing list of “Expendables” is former UFC champ Randy Couture, last seen stinking up the joint in the direct-to-DVD “The Scorpion King: Rise of the Akkadians”, or “Rise of the Warriors”, or whatever it was they ended up calling that one.

Via the boyos at AICN:

Mr. Stallone called Harry this morning to reveal more details about his mercenaries-vs-dictator action extravaganza THE EXPENDABLES.

He told Harry that UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture (website HERE) has been added to the movie’s cast, joining the already announced Jason Statham, Jet Li, and Dolph Lundgren. Sly’s hoping he’ll be able to give Couture an excellent boost towards big screen action stardom.

Forrest Whittaker has also been cast in the film, which rolls this March in Brazil.

Well at least Couture is in his elements here — in a movie that’s all about brawn and bullets and guys most comfortable reciting mono-syllabic dialogue. No offense, but let’s face it, this thing ain’t gonna be Shakespeare by a long shot. Unless, of course, your definition of “Shakespeare” is a bunch of guys gutting, shooting, and blowing people up, then it might be the best thing Shakespeare has written since that movie about the old man who jumps out of his house to scare kids that trespass on his lawn.

Below: Randy Couture makes friends easily. Or else.