UK’s Zipangu Fest 2012 Announces Dates and Locations

Zipangu Fest 2012The UK-based Zipangu Film Festival aka Zipangu Fest is gearing up for its third year in London. This time around, the festivities will be held at the Cinema Museum in Kennington, South London, from September 14th to the 16th. The full programming line-up won’t be revealed until August 22nd, but until then, official PR for the fest ahoy.

Zipangu Fest, the UK’s premier cross-cultural showcase of Japanese cinema, is back for its third year.

With a host of uncompromising, challenging and pertinent works, featuring the finest selection of recent features, shorts, documentaries, animations and experimental pieces, this year’s edition continues the festival’s celebration of both traditional and contemporary Japan.

Relocated beneath the architectural splendour of the Lambeth Workhouse (better known as the childhood residence of Charles Chaplin), Zipangu Fest 2012 is set to take place at the historically significant Cinema Museum in Kennington, South London from September 14th to 16th.

The Cinema Museum, known for its burgeoning collection of cinema memorabilia and extensive film archive, sets the scene for this year’s Reel Zipangu strand, a tribute to the legacy of celluloid in a rapidly digitalising world. With the majority of our screenings from 16mm or 35mm film, including several screenings of as yet unseen rarities, Reel Zipangu aims to celebrate the very physical essence of celluloid film.

Elsewhere Zipangu Fest 2012 is excited to present a special strand on Japan’s Brazilian immigrant community, whilst the ever-popular Beyond Anime section will see its triumphant return.

Following the main festival in London, Zipangu Fest will be touring its new programme to venues across the UK.

Follow the Fest at its official site, and at the Cinema Museum’s official site.