Uncover Ben Howdeshell’s Zombie Short Film Project SERA

Julia Voth in Project SERA

It’s hard not to think “Resident Evil” when you add gun-toting babe to any zombie movie. The fact that star Julia Voth (one of the three lovely ladies of “Bitch Slap”) looks like one of the gun-happy ladies of the “Resident Evil” movie franchise on the film’s poster sure doesn’t hurt. Or was that the point? (Also, Voth has previously provided the voice of Jill Valentine in the 2002 “Resident Evil” game, so there’s that, too.) But don’t let that stop you from enjoying Ben Howdeshell’s 10-minute short film “Project SERA”, which features one of those fast-moving “infected” zombies that are so popular nowadays. The idea, apparently, is to make the short film, gin up some interest, and turn it into a feature-length movie.

A young woman wakes up in an abandoned warehouse as armed soldiers torture her father with an experimental biological weapon.

Besides Voth, the film also co-stars Victor Webster (“The Scorpion King: Battle for Redemption”) and Dennis Keiffer.

Keep up with the nefarious happenings of “Project SERA” at its Facebook page.

Project SERA (2012) Movie Poster