Underworld 4 is the Beginning of a New Trilogy?

Will “Underworld 4” (expect the number to go the way of the dinosaurs and be replaced with an action-packed sounding subtitle) be the start of a whole new trilogy that will bring back the Selene character originally played by Kate Beckinsale in the first two “Underworld” movies? At least that’s what the guys at STYD are hearing just days after breaking the news that there would be a fourth movie.

Besides being shot in the trendy 3D, “Underworld 4” is being looked at by the studio as the beginning of a completely new trilogy. And I have to say, yeah, I can dig it. Even if it doesn’t involve Selene (or Kate Beckinsale doesn’t return), as long as it continues the storyline from “Underworld: Evolution”, it should be interesting. By the by, they’ve been playing “Evolution” on basic cable these last few days, and I have to admit, I really want to know what happens next for Selene and her hairy beau Michael.

But the big question is: Will Kate Beckinsale return? The lovely British thespian doesn’t seem to have any snobbish attitude towards blockbusters. After all, she did appear in the first two films. And she’ll be seen in the thriller “Whiteout” next. So the chances do exist she’ll do it for the paycheck, which, hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. She gets the paycheck and we get to see her in tight black pleather. It’s win-win, baby.

Of course, her role in “Underworld” is probably incredibly demanding, especially physically, and a whole new trilogy would mean she had to commit to three movies… It’s a stretch to think she’ll come back for that kind of commitment, but hope springs eternal, I suppose.

Kate Beckinsale in Underworld: Awakening (2012) Movie Image