Underworld Duo Heads up I, Frankenstein for Lakeshore

They’ve pitted werewolves against vampires, but now Kevin Grevioux and Patrick Tatopoulos wants to pit the two sides against a common enemy — Frankenstein’s monster. Or at least, a different version of the put-together fella than the one we’ve seen before. Based on an upcoming comic book called “I, Frankenstein” by actor/writer Grevioux (if the name doesn’t ring any bells, the face should — Grevioux plays the hulking vampire dude (pictured, left) from the “Underworld” movies), the movie will have Grevioux re-teaming with his “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans” director Tatopoulos (who cut his bones on special effects, and made his directorial debut on “Lycans”) to develop “I, Frankenstein” for Lakeshore Entertainment, according to Screen Daily.

“The re-imagining of the Frankenstein mythos and the diverse creatures of legend is a dream project for me”, Grevioux said. “I’m blessed and thankful that both Tom and Gary really sparked to the material and recognised this property’s potential as not only a film, but a launch pad for various multi-media platforms.

“And a chance to work with such a visionary titan as Patrick again makes this experience even more amazing.”

Yeah, the whole “visionary titan” thing is a tad much for a guy who has only done one movie, but I suppose flattery gets you lots in Hollywood.

In any case, in the new version of the old classic, Frankenstein’s monster is the only thing that stands between humans and various supernatural creatures determined to replace us at the top of the food chain. My guess is that he’ll be “re-imagined” and thus, hipper than he should be. Probably a lot like “Hellboy”, minus the horns.

The studio is looking at a July start date for the project.

Oh right, so when werewolves are after you, all of a sudden it's Save us, Frankenstein. Whatever, humans.