Undying Love Promises Vampires vs. Hong Kong Gun-Fu Action

Or at least that’s what it’ll probably end up looking like (which is not necessarily a bad thing, mind you) if Warner Bros. succeeds in bringing Image Comics’ “Undying Love” to the big screen (as reported by THR).

The studio, teaming up with the Benderspink boys, have acquired Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman’s “Undying Love” mini-series comic book with an eye towards turning it into a feature film, with Coker and Freedman given first crack at the screenplay.

“Undying Love” follows an ex-American soldier name John Sargent, who is on a quest to kill Shang-Ji, the most powerful vampire in all of China. His goal: to free a woman name Mei, who also happens to be his lover — as well as a vampire turned by Shang-ji. The quest takes him to Hong Kong, where he engages in all manner of gun-fu action with various supernatural forces, all of it very reminiscent of John Woo’s glory Hong Kong/Chow Yun Fat days.

Benderspink has been setting up comic book properties all over Hollywood for the last few years ever since the comic book-to-movie boom went into effect, including “The Mighty” at Paramount and the long-in-development “Zombies of Mass Destruction”, which seems to be dead as of now since I haven’t heard anything about it since 2009.