Universal Already Revving up Death Race 3

Jason Statham in Death Race (2008) Movie Image

With “Death Race 2”, their prequel to the Paul W.S. Anderson remake of the Roger Corman movie “Death Race”, set to zoom onto DVD shelves next January, Universal is apparently already thinking ahead by developing a third movie in the franchise.

Directed by Roel Reine, “Death Race 2” swapped Jason Statham with Luke Goss (the poor man’s Jason Statham, if you will; the two fellas are practically identical, bald head and accents included), and was a prequel that explored the origins of the death race on Terminal Island, as well as the origins of the franchise’s Frankenstein character. Robin Shou and Frederick Koehler reprised their roles in the prequel as Chinese con 14K and idiot savant Lists, respectively. The film also featured Ving Rhames as the owner of Terminal Island, and co-starred Lauren Cohan as the icy bitch, taking over from Joan Allen’s icy bitch from the original/remake.

No word on whether the third movie will be another prequel, a sequel to the Anderson remake, or somewhere in-between.

With two films already in the can, the franchise seems to have developed something of a formula: besides a badass driver/con in the titular death race, there is also a female “navigator” who rides along with our hero in his death race car and provides (kinda, though not really) timely information to our hero as well as visual eye candy for the viewer. (More so for the latter reason, we presume.) The previous two films offered up Natalie Martinez and Tanit Phoenix, below. Sticking to that formula, I suspect they’ll also include another icy bitch as a villain.

Tanit Phoenix and  Natalie Martinez in Death Race