Universal Shuts Down McG’s Ouija Board Movie

Can you really blame them? After all, how many movies about Ouija boards have they made over the past twenty years? Sure, none of the others have the support of Hasbro, but then again, that might be a good thing. Reports are currently circulating that Universal Studios have squashed plans to make a big-budget motion picture centered around this mysterious “game”, which was rumored to have a “tentpole” budget. That’s insane. However, given that Michael Bay’s production Company Platinum Dunes was behind the project, I’m honestly not that surprised. They tend to throw money around as if American currency sprouts freely from their collective behinds.

Fear not — producers are currently shopping the project around Hollywood. Paramount is considering picking up the project as of this writing, so “Ouija” may find a home yet. Hey, if they can make something as brainless as “Battleship” and “Candyland” into a movie, then transforming this one into a major motion picture shouldn’t be that hard. We shall see.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter