Universal Wants a Piece of Tarantino’s Bastards

Word from the trades is that Universal is looking at coming onboard to help pay for Quentin Tarantino’s World War II guys on a mission remake, “Inglorious Bastards”, which may or may not end up starring Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. If the deal goes through, Universal would be partners with the Weinsteins, and we’ll all have ourselves a chatty World War II movies about a bunch of Jewish American soldiers who goes behind Nazi-occupied France lines to kill themselves some Nazis. And oh yeah, the leader of said Jewish American squad is supposedly an Appalachian hick with just the most horrendous accent ever imagined. Pitt is supposed to play him.

Variety has your 411 on the dealio:

Studio is in negotiations to partner with the Weinstein Co. to bring the World War II drama to the bigscreen. Although deal points are still being ironed out, insiders say a pact is imminent.

The “Pulp Fiction” helmer and Harvey Weinstein met with five studios last week about co-financing the film, and it came down to Paramount and Universal. Par, which wanted to distribute the film in foreign territories, balked at a component of the pact that dealt with how grosses would be accounted given the way that Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” contract was structured.

The script for “Inglorious Bastards” has been floating around the Internet for weeks now. You can find it anywhere if you’re so inclined, and all the fanboys who have read it seems to have achieved instant “hip”-gasms while reading it. If you do read it, you’ll notice that Tarantino, as wordy as he is, is either an illiterate bastard, or he’s one sneaky little cookie who likes to mess around with people. Either that, or the script is actually a fake. It doesn’t look fake to me. Tarantino, after all, used to work at a videostore. You don’t exactly need a college degree to work at a videostore, kids.

I actually tried to read the script for “Inglorious Bastards”, but gave up about the same time they introduced the hick main character and his Jewish squad. That, and after spending 15 minutes with a Nazi and a French farmer. Seriouisly, WTF?

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