Universal Wants to Help Keanu Reeves Become a Man of Tai Chi

People like to crap all over Keanu Reeves. I’m not one of them. And while I understand why some of you can’t stand the sight of the poor guy — if you paid money to watch “The Lake House” in a darkened theater, I totally get it — I’m of the belief that his strengths outweigh his weaknesses. Hell, I even think that Reeves makes a damn fine action hero. I double dog dare you to watch “Point Break”, “The Matrix”, and “Speed” without changing your tune.

Universal Studios, in association with Village Roadshow Pictures Asia, China Film Group, and Wanda Media, will back Reeves’ long-promised actioner “Man of Tai Chi”, an English/Mandarin language kung fu movie which will serve as his directorial debut. Assisting Johnny Mnemonic in this contemporary martial arts flick is Tiger Chen, one of the many talented individuals who helped make “The Matrix” an action classic. In addition to everything else, Reeves will also portray the film’s villain. Whoa. Here’s hoping he hasn’t bitten off more than he can possibly chew.

Here’s what the actor/director had to say about the fights earlier this year:

There’s 18 fights. We’ve timed it out. It’s about 40 minutes of fighting. I want to make a good, solid kung fu movie. Good story, good plot—but let’s get some good kung fu going!

Am I crazy or does this have the potential to be all kinds of awesome? Perhaps. Regardless of your opinion on the subject, “Man of Tai Chi” will begin shooting in China this February.

Via : The Hollywood Reporter