Unused Storyboards for Warner Bros.’ Currently Stuck-in-Hell Akira Adaptation

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Unusued Akira Storyboards by Artist Sylvain Despretz

Last we heard on the WB “Akira” live-action movie front, the studio had halted production on the film for budget and other assorted nonsense reasons, none of which involves a sudden dislike of whitewashing an Asian property while, mindbogglingly, still keeping their traditional Asian names. (Try to wrap your head around that one, kids.)

Who knows if the film will ever get back on track, but until it does, check out a couple of unused storyboards by artist Sylvain Despretz, who produced these suckers for “Akira’s” then-director Ruairi Robinson. (The film has since gone through a couple of directors since ol Robinson.) They don’t show much, but they do show that, even from the very beginning, WB always intended on white-washing the movie. Hey, if nothing else, at least they’re consistent.

“Unknown” director Jaume Collet-Serra is still attached to direct. Well, maybe. Who knows in a few months. No one else has stuck, and what makes Collet-Serra so special? Until then…

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Unusued Akira Storyboards by Artist Sylvain Despretz

Unusued Akira Storyboards by Artist Sylvain Despretz

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