Up in the Air Trailer

up-in-the-airGeorge Clooney plays a kind of specialist. He fires people. Like in Michael Clayton, he cleans up situations which his bosses deem too messy, dealing with those employees who literally need to be escorted out of the building by police. As such, he travels a lot, and that distance would be enough to put him on the moon.

That’s the concept behind Jason Reitman’s latest film, Up in the Air, which is like his previous full length features, Thank You for Smoking and Juno, in that people who treat the world with casual indifference by looming just a little above the fray get too close to the heat and are mollified by the very thing they try to be indifferent to. In the hands of a lesser director, such stories might sound like routine Lifetime movies of the week (you know, like a doctor who fixes hearts, but the only heart he can’t mend is his own), but Reitman has an incredibly sensitive eye for the actions of real people that translates well into his films. I don’t expect Up in the Air to be any different.

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