Update on Eastwood’s Hereafter: De France Joins, Plot Details

clint-eastwood-poseClint Eastwood’s Invictus is only a few months away, and already he has begun shooting his next project, Hereafter, scheduled for a December 2010 release. According to Variety, Belgium actress Cecile de France, who has starred in movies such as High Tension and Russian Dolls, has joined a cast that already includes Matt Damon.

Hereafter is a supernatural thriller in the same fashion as Sixth Sense. First Showing did some digging and found a plot synopsis from The Guardian. The story follows three parallel tracks, first with de France’s French TV journalist who nearly dies in the 2004 Asian tsunami, then Lyndsey Marshal as a drug-addicted mother who loses a son in a car accident, and finally Matt Damon as the reluctant medium who can contact the other side.

The tsunami aspect sounds like it would offer the most interesting horror angle: I think that just about everybody has a very inherent fear of drowning. Water can be overpowering, implacable, and isolating, as it presents the challenge of simply staying above water, at the risk of being dragged down into something deep. There is also no more of a pure “force of nature” aspect than with a storm (something that The Perfect Storm did to various degrees of success). If the film is anything like that, at least to relive a near death experience at the hands of a storm, then combining it with a supernatural element might work very well.