Update on the Crow Remake: It Still Sounds Like a Really Bad Idea

Producer Edward Pressman, who I personally blame for killing all the goodwill that the original “Crow” created with one shitty sequel after another, recently gave an update to MTV about the progress of Stephen Norrington’s “Crow” reboot. I’ll get it out of the way first: I don’t think they should be remaking “The Crow”, and the more I hear about Norrington’s ideas, the more I become adamant that this is a very, very bad idea. But hey, they’re doing it anyway (because, you know, squeezing blood from dried up hunks of stones is apparently one of Edward Pressman’s favorite pastimes), so I must report on it.

According to Pressman, the film has made an offer to a “major actor”, but he won’t say who. They expect to start shooting very soon, with the film set in the southwest, around the Mexico/Arizona area, before moving to cities in the north, middle or eastern America. This is a major detour from the first four movies, which picked a city and stuck with it.

Pressman also seems keen on continuing to press home (ahem) the point about just how different writer/director Norrington’s reboot will be from Alex Proyas’s 1994 original in terms of style, tone, and visuals. Yeah, because obviously the 1994 version was inadequate in those three areas, right, Edward?

At one point, producer Edward Pressman thought Eddie Furlong would make a great Crow. The kid from T2. Yup.