Update on The Mechanic Remake

Did you hear? They’re remaking the Charles Bronson hitman movie “The Mechanic”. I happen to love that movie, mostly because my mom is a big Charles Bronson fan, so much so that when I informed her that he had passed away, she was devastated. “The Mechanic” is one of Bronson’s best, I think, and involves an aging hitman who decides to pass on his skills of the trade to a younger hitman before he retires. Unfortunately for him, the little punk has other ideas.

Word coming out of Dark Horizons has Sylvester Stallone adding the “Mechanic” remake to his list of Bronson films to remake, since he’s already working on Bronson’s “Death Wish”. They also add that the studio is looking at young bucks Ryan Gosling, Ben Foster, Cillian Murphy (and, curiously Elijah Wood) to join the $40 million remake. I’m guessing Stallone will play the Bronson character.

But wait! According to IMDB.com, which already has the movie listed, the script will be by Shane Salerno (“Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem”) and will be “a remake virtually in name only of the 1972 hit MGM Charles Bronson film totally reimagined as a spy thriller in a post 9/11 world.”

Uh. Can’t leave well enough alone, huh?

The Mechanic Remake