Updates from the Frank Miller-verse: Sin City 2, Hard Boiled

According to producer Stephen L’Heureux, who is currently working on two Frank Miller projects, “Sin City 2” and “Hard Boiled”, the sequel to 2005’s “Sin City” is scheduled to go before the cameras in the “second half of 2010”, with Robert Rodriguez back to direct, and Frank Miller co-directing. But here’s the kicker: instead of basing the story on the “A Dame to Kill For” Sin City tale as originally expected, the sequel, says L’Heureux, will instead be based on an original story cooked up by Miller. So, no Angelina Jolie as Ava Lord?

As to the status of Miller’s hard-boiled sci-fi/actioner “Hard Boiled” (drawn in wonderfully gory detail by Geoff Darrow, I might add), L’Heureux says Miller is hard at work on the screenplay, and that he has been attached to direct. The comics, about a tax collector name Nixon who realizes he’s not really a soulless tax collector after all (you know, like a regular tax collector), will probably have to wait until “Sin City 2” gets made, as that film is the priority right now.

And given the epic box office failure of Miller’s last movie aka “The Spirit”, I’m sure the money people don’t think a movie “directed by Frank Miller” is a viable option just yet. But give them another successful “Sin City” movie, and they should be back onboard again like good little boys.

Not surprisingly, there are already whispers of a “Sin City 3” on the horizon, but that’s for another year or two.

What do ya mean there's no Ava Lord in the sequel? Aw, man, what a gyp.

What do ya mean there's no Ava Lord in the sequel? Aw, man, what a gyp.