Updates on Bloodsport and The Crow Remakes

Edward R. PressmanNot a fan of the upcoming remakes of “The Crow” and “Bloodsport”? Well get used to it, cause it’s being made, and producer Edward R. Pressman is moving full throttle on both titles. The producer recently provided an update on both projects to Variety, so divert your eyes now, kids.

As previously reported, “Bloodsport” will be directed by “Salt’s” Philip Noyce, with Robert Mark Kamen (he of the Luc Besson action movie assembly) expected to turn in a script within the month. Meanwhile, Noyce and Kamen are hopping around the world scouting locations, because unlike the original, the remake will be more of “a road movie, a journey” says Pressman. The plot will stick somewhat to the original, though this time it’s “an Afghanistan war vet, sick of violence, retreating to Brazil, only to be involved in a martial arts contest.” It’s being called “a total reinvention” of the 1988 movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, which was primarily set in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, not a whole lot of forward movement on “The Crow” ever since Bradley Cooper flew the coop (see what I did there?), though “Watchmen’s” Alex Tse has turned in a script, and “28 Weeks Later’s” Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is still attached to direct. For now, anyway.

Curiously, “Bloodsport” could end up being made first, despite “The Crow” being in the works for much longer. Unlike “The Crow”, “Bloodsport” hasn’t attached multiple stars only to lose them, so it’s got that in its favor.

Jean-Claude Van Damme in Bloodsport (1988) Movie Image