Updates On Kim Ji-Woon’s English Language Debut, Last Stand, Including Casting And A Possible Timeline

Korean director Kim Ji-woon’s latest film, the revenge heavy “I Saw The Devil”, is getting tons or rave reviews after making it’s US premiere at Sundance. The film is set to open in select cities on March 4 (though my fellow Seattle-ites will have to wait until April 1). With a string of awesome films tucked under his belt, including “A Tale of Two Sisters”, “A Bittersweet Life”, and “The Good, The Bad, The Weird”, Kim is reportedly set to make his English language debut in a film called “Last Stand”. Word on the street is that Liam Neeson, who’s “Unknown” is the reigning box office champ, is attached. In an interview with Arrow in the Head, Kim gave an update the status of the movie.

Speaking through a translator, Kim said:

“The project is still on-going. At this point, about a week ago I sent my latest adaptation of the project to the studio. I’m awaiting their answer. As I hear, so far they’re positive about it. If everything goes as planned and there’s no problems in between, we could possibly see this film shooting in August or September of this year.”

I then asked if Liam Neeson was still attached to the project. Kim:

“It’s not signed yet, but he’s probably the closest to being in it.”

This is all good news.

Here is a little bit about “Last Stand”:

“Last Stand” is written by Andrew Knauer, and “features a Gumpert Apollo, a 200 mph race car used by drug smugglers, and it centers on a cartel leader that uses it to break out of a courthouse. As he speeds to the Mexican border, the only thing standing in his way is a border-town sheriff and his inexperienced staff.

Neeson would play the role of the sheriff in what is being described as a contemporary western. I am on board for all of these things. Kim has an outstanding track record, and Neeson has proven that he can pull off a pretty convincing badass when he needs to, and I imagine that when battling high-speed drug dealers, he’ll certainly feel that need.