Updates: Speed Racer, Sweeney Todd, and Lost Boys 2

Speed Racer: Susan Sarandon, who says all she does is “make pancakes” on the movie, has some interesting to say about the film — or to be exact, how the Wachowski brothers will be shooting it. Says Sarandon:

“They’re doing something where they’re layering film so that the front and the back are in focus like a cartoon and they’re also doing two dimensional and three dimensional stuff and mixing and everything is very, very saturated with some new kind of film, so they actually have to treat the actors in some way so we can hold our own with the background. So it’s every color that wasn’t in The Matrix is seriously in this film.”

I don’t know what that means but I take it it’s groovy and whatnot.


Lost Boys 2: The Tribe: A couple of updates on the upcoming “Lost Boys 2: The Tribe”, which was originally envisioned as a direct-to-DVD movie, but then ended up being re-envisioned as a theatrical release (God knows why, who is gonna see this thing?). The first involves Corey Haim, who may not be in the movie after all thanks to, of all things, immigration issues. You see, the film is currently being shot in Vancouver, Canada, and apparently Haim may or may not be allowed to leave the country. Um, what? Says Haim’s manager:

“There are major logistical obstacles that exist,” referring to immigration problems Haim may have in traveling in and out of the country.

The other “Lost Boys 2” update concerns Jason Patric, who was rumored to be in the sequel, but as it turns out, Nope, not gonna happen. Hans Rodionoff, the writer of the sequel, confirms that Patric is NOT in the sequel.


Sweeney Todd: What’s up with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp’s “Sweeney Todd”? Apparently lots. A new poster has arrived (see below) via here, and there seems to be “too much gore” in the film, according to this:

The greatest promise of Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street is that it’s not like other musicals. After all, the film is about a homicidal barber (played by Johnny Depp) and it is expected to have lots of violence and gore.

Great, right? Not so. Warner Bros. is looking to cut out some of the violence to make the whole thing more family friendly. Oops. FIGHT!

Sweeney Todd