Updating Stephen Chow’s Superhero Movie Not Named the Green Hornet

According to someone name Wei Dasen, who works for Stephen Chow in some capacity, his boss has not only “resigned” as director of Seth Rogen’s “Green Hornet”, but he’s also shaken off the shackles of a co-star billing as well. At least, that’s what Wei Dasen has to say. Who is Wei Dasen? I haven’t a clue. Although ol Wei may be correct, as from everything I’m reading, it sure looks like Chow is ready to ditch Rogen and company and move on to making his own superhero movie for his American debut. You can see the reasons why, can’t you? Let’s see: play second fiddle to a comedian beloved by potheads and fanboys, or write and direct your own movie with another comedian beloved by potheads and fanboys, except this time you’ll be in charge? No contest.

Here’s what the mysterious Mr. Wei told China.org (via DH):

Wei from Chow’s company says the actor-director is currently writing the screenplay for the new film. “It will be about a superhero, action-packed, special effects-rich, and of course funny.”

American beauty Anne Hathaway is likely to star in the unnamed film, according to Wei.

Chinese media cited sources close to Chow as saying that the film will be similar in style to “Kung Fu Hustle”, which is full of parodies and exaggerations.

The whole Anne Hathaway as co-star? Maybe, maybe not. Keep in mind that when it comes to movie rumors, the Chinese press is even less reliable than the British press. As in, I’ll believe it when I see it, which in this case, I don’t believe it. Yet.

Then again, I was 100% sure Chow wouldn’t come within spitting distance of the “Green Hornet”, and oh boy did I turn out wrong on that one…

Below: Anne Hathaway looks hungry. Maybe she should have some Chow.