Urban Exploration Gets Bloody in David R. Williams’ Terminal Descent

Terminal Descent (2013) Movie Image

Word around the campfire is that director David R. Williams’ upcoming horror flick “Terminal Descent” was shot in just three days. That’s pretty amazing. For a movie that was lensed in 72 hours, it honestly doesn’t look that bad. Of course, it always helps when you have an actress like Tara Cardinal on your side. Regardless of how the movie plays out, Cardinal always seems to give it her all. Although there isn’t a whole lot of information about the flick currently floating around at the moment, we do know that the story involves a group of urban explorers and their encounter with some blood-thirsty creatures inside the abandoned Buffalo Central Terminal.

According to the date stamped on the picture’s IMDb page, it would appear that “Terminal Descent” isn’t scheduled to see the light of day until sometime next year. I suppose we’ll have to wait. However, the film, which also stars Alicen Holden, Justin Irwin, and Patricia M. Dunn does have a trailer. You can feast your eyes on the clip by dipping into the darkness below.