US Release Information and a New Trailer for A Serbian Film

To tell you the truth, I never thought “A Serbian Film” would see the light of day in the United States. I honestly didn’t. The film, a sordid tale about a former porn star’s reluctant return to the genre that made him a star, is one of the most offensive and graphically violent motion pictures I’ve ever seen, eclipsing anything and everything you’ve seen in the past. Invincible Pictures will release an edited NC-17 version of the film on May 13th, which has roughly five minutes of footage excised from the running time. On the exact same day, “A Serbian Film” will be released on VOD via FlixFling, and will contain the closest thing to an unedited version we’re likely to see in the US. Having already seen the picture in all its glory, I’ll be extremely curious to see what, precisely, made the final cut. However, as of this writing, a list of theaters screening the flick has not been released. I’m sure it won’t be very many.

Below you’ll find the latest trailer for this insanely controversial endeavor, which, as always, is not exactly safe for work, sensitive viewers, or children of any age. You’ve been warned.