USA Network Readies Another Spy Show, Covert Affairs

I like the USA Network, mostly because they’re home to the fantastic Burn Notice, starring Jeffrey Donovan as an ex-spy paying the bills by working odd jobs using his International spy skills on common hoodlums, crooks, and other evildoers with the help of his former IRA girlfriend and ex-CIA buddy played by Bruce Campbell. I haven’t really paid much attention to their other shows, like the one with the fake psychic or the U.S. Marshal chick. But here’s one I might take an interest in: a new spy show called Covert Affairs, set within the CIA, and starring a young (as yet uncast) female character as its lead ala Alias.

Written by Matt Corman and Chris Ord, Covert Affairs would center on a young CIA trainee name Annie Walker, who is mysteriously summoned to headquarters and given assignments assisted by a blind tech expert name Auggie Anderson. THR says that while Annie believes she’s been promoted for her language skills, it might be an elusive former boyfriend from her past that her CIA bosses are really after.

The basic cable network is currently casting the two leads, after which the show will probably shoot a pilot. If it’s even half as fun as Burn Notice, it should prove to be a hit. Unlike the big networks, the USA Network has the luxury to allow shows to grow, which is something you wish FOX, NBC, or ABC would sometimes do instead of just canceling shows before their first season is even up.

Below: Hey, Covert Affairs guys, looking for a female lead? Howsabout borrowing Fiona from Burn Notice?