USA Network’s Covert Affairs Finds its Quirky Blind Spy Guy

It’s a show from the USA Network, so you gotta figure that Christopher Gorham will be playing his blind CIA spy character with plenty of quirks, otherwise you’d have a pretty depressing show about a spy who used to be a field agent until he was blinded, and now has to work from behind a desk. I mean, that’s pretty depressing sounding. But I’m sure the reality won’t be all that bleak, as THR announces that Covert Affairs has signed on Gorham (remember him? Jake from the UPN action-adventure show Jake 2.0?) to join Piper Perabo in the new spy show.

Covert Affairs is from writers/producers Matt Corman and Chris Ord, and will star Perabo as Annie Walker, a rookie CIA agent who is called up by the bosses to go into the field when one of her ex-boyfriends becomes a subject of interest for the Agency. Gorham will play Auggie Anderson, a former field ops who now guides Annie through her missions from the safety of Langley, being that he’s, you know, blind and everything. Kinda hard to engage in hand-to-hand combat when you can’t see the other guy’s hands, know what I’m saying?

The USA Network is expected to greenlight the pilot now that the two leads are in place.

Post-Jake 2.0, Gorham has filled his time with TV appearances on shows like Medical Investigation, Out of Practice, and Ugly Betty. He was recently on the now-canceled Harper’s Island.

Below: Granted, this article is mostly about Gorham, but, er, Piper Perabo is really, really cute.