Uwe Boll: 1 Million Signatures and I Will Quit

I love Uwe Boll (pictured, left). Seriously, his movies are Godawful, we all know that, but I love the guy to death. His latest stunt to rile up fanboys everywhere involves him quitting the movie business for good, but only if all the fanboys out there who hates him manages to get 1 million signatures together on a petition. At the moment, only 18,000 people have signed the petition to ask the Good Doctor to call it quits. Of course, he just threw the number out there, so who knows if he’ll actually do it.

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The latest Q&A with the king of krapola appears on FEARnet, and it’s there you’ll find some solid questions about animal abuse, Nazi humor, and all those crazy German tax shelters.

But the best part of the interview comes near the end. It goes a little lot something like this:

“FEARnet: Are you aware that there is a petition online, signed by 18,000 people, requesting that you stop making movies?
Boll: Yeah, I know that. 18,000 is not enough to convince me.
FN: How many would it take?
Boll: One million. Now we have a new goal.”

So there you have it, kids. You got yourselves a new goal. Want to make Uwe Boll stop making movies? Then sign the petition here.

Frankly, Uwe Boll doesn’t think you can do it. See what he thinks about your little petition below:

Uwe Boll Gives You the Finger