Uwe Boll Announces Blubberella, the World’s First Overweight Female Superhero

Uwe Boll is my hero. Despite taking a critical lashing from just about every website/publication you can think of, the man just keeps plugging away, releasing one movie after the next without giving two solid shits about what the entire world thinks of his endeavors. The prolific director/writer/producer/actor has recently announced his next cinematic masterpiece, the overweight superhero epic “Blubberella”. That’s right — “Blubberella”. The only thing that currently exists about this project — outside of Boll’s proclamation that fans of “Bloodrayne” are going to love it — is the image you see position below this gathering of words. Is it sad that the film has rocketed to the tip-top of my “must see” list? Probably, but I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m excited about a motion picture that focuses its strengths on the exploits of a fat female superhero. This is coming from a guy who openly admits to liking a movie about elderly people humping trash. Are you really that surprised?

As more information comes to light, I’ll let you know. Kudos to Bloody Disgusting for the head’s up. Honestly, I can’t wait to see this thing.