Uwe Boll Claims Bloodrayne 3 is Happening. What Did We Do Wrong?

BloodrayneDid you, your friends and family, or anyone else on this God-forsaken planet really enjoy Uwe Boll’s adaptation of the strangely popular 2002 videogame “Bloodrayne?” More importantly, did anyone even watch the direct-to-video sequel? Regardless of the film’s popularity or profitability, the good doctor recently told the fine chaps at Dread Central that he’s currently prepping the third installment in the series, which should, according to the much-maligned director, contain “plenty of Nazi mayhem.” This is actually kind of disappointing news, as I was hoping “Big Motha Truckers” would be Boll’s next project. Way to crush my hopes and dreams, boyo. Much appreciated.

Uwe Boll’s “Bloodrayne 3” proclamation, in his own words:

Bloodrayne 3.. Yep.. If going to the wild west wasn’t enough for you get ready for another dose. BUT at least this time they are finally doing what they should have done all along and take place during WWII with plenty of Nazi mayhem. The film is going to be titled Bloodrayne 3: Warhammer with Kristanna Loken back in the lead role. Shooting will begin this January.

Hey, at least Loken’s back in the saddle in the proverbial saddle once again. Assuming, of course, that you care enough for this to be considered good news. 2010 is shaping up to be the Year of the Boll. You read it here first.