Uwe Boll: I’m a Genius, Assholes

I love Uwe Boll. Have I mentioned that before? Seriously, this guy makes some of the most horrendous movies in cinematic history, and yet you KNOW that he knows it, and the fact that he can roll with the punches (literally, in one case) is one of the reasons why I just can’t summon up the strength to NOT like this guy. Via Joblo.com, here’s Uwe Boll once again throwing down the gauntlet to those fanboys who wants him to stop making movies. He took on Steven Spielberg, and now he’s taking on Michael Bay and Eli Roth. WHO YA GOT???

Take a look at this article if you don’t know the backstory for this. Basically, after Boll was informed that there was a petition going around for him to stop making movies, he replied that it would take one million signatures on said petition for him to quit.

Uwe Boll: Genius, or delusional douche bag? You decide!