Uwe Boll to Masterfully Dissect the 2008 Financial Crisis in a New Movie

Uwe BollIt takes someone with skill, who understands the subtleties of the human psyche, to properly dissect the complex world of Wall Street financial crisis such as the one that took place in 2008-2009. That man is Uwe Boll, director of “House of the Dead”; not one, not two, but three “Bloodrayne” movies; and yes, the film that they still teach in film school, “Blubberella”.

Of course, there will be a hail of bullets in said dissection. Hey, this is Uwe Boll. Hail of bullets and Uwe Boll go together like former boxers-turned-German directors beating up overweight movie bloggers who dare criticize him in a ring. It’s just good business!

In “The Bailout”, which is set to shoot up in Vancouver sometime in April, Boll will put you into the mind of Jim, “an average New Yorker who loses everything because of the 2008 Wall Street financial crisis, and who strikes back by targeting investment bankers for assassination.”

Because, obviously, just protesting, or just, if you will, “occupying” a park would be too lame.

Occupy Wall Street

Via : THR