Uwe Boll Wants You To Give Him $49 to Make a Movie

It used to be that German wunderkind Uwe Boll could sucker talk a couple of German businessmen into investing in his movie in exchange for tax breaks, but that appears not to be the case anymore with the Germans getting wise and closing up those tax loopholes. Much to Doctor Boll’s chagrin, no doubt, who has now taken to asking for “investors” from you and I online in order to make his next movie, the disaster pic “Blackout”, which he has budgeted at $18.5 million. For just $49 bucks (or 33 euros to you Europeans out there), you, too, can be an investor in Uwe Boll’s next masterpiece.

And just what exactly will you get with your $49 investment? According to THR, also up for grabs is a trip to the set and other assorted prizes. Or should I say, you may get to visit the set, if you win some sort of contest. $49 doesn’t guarantee that. It guarantees a limited edition DVD and the opportunity to tell your friends and families that you just sent your medicine money to a balding German guy who likes beating up skinny pale Internet critics. Now that is a commodity you can’t put a price on! Well actually you can. $49 bucks, to be exact.

If you’re interested in investing in Doctor Boll’s movie “Blackout”, visit the film’s site at TheBlackoutFilm.com. But wait, before you go, read the fine print below:

The site will be open till March 31. If the planned budget is not reached by then, but at least 43% of the desired cash has been collected, Boll may elect to make the movie with a smaller budget. If not, he says he will return most of the cash to investors. The site claims that at least 27 euros ($40) from each payment will be returned should the film not get made.

So basically, you send in $49 in hopes the movie gets made so you can score a limited edition Uwe Boll DVD, but if the full $18.5 million is not raised, they might return your money. Well, at least $40 of it, anyway. What exactly will they do with the $9? Hey, the Doctor has bills to pay. Stop being so nosy!

Below: “So, Tara, remember when you said I could either pay you in money or malt liquor…?”