Uwe Boll: If You’re Going to Bash Me, Pronounce My Name Correctly!

There is really no movie news value to this post, but I just love posting anything about German filmmaking wunderkind Uwe Boll. I can’t help it; any news, nevermind how minor, about this guy, but especially about his comments, just makes me giggle like a little schoolgirl. So Uwe Boll is tired of movie fanboys making fun of his movies and bashing him; but what Uwe Boll is really tired of is movie fanboys making fun of his movies and bashing him (always) and pronouncing his name wrong. Well, he doesn’t really say that, but I’m guessing it irks him somewhat that he’s such a bashable fellow, but no one really bothers to pronounce his name correctly. For the record, it’s not “U Bowl” or “Eee-Wee Bowl”, but actually “Oov-uh-buhl”. Oh hell, here’s the guy himself to set you straight.

And no, that above picture of him with the middle finger was not tampered with. That’s just how Uwe Boll likes to roll, G.

Oh, Uwe…