Uwe Boll’s Far Cry Movie Poster

Behold, ye mere mortals — the continued genius of Uwe Boll! On the heels of Doctor Boll’s cinematic reckoning aka “Postal”, comes the next great movie based on a videogame you may or may not have played once in your life. That’s right, it’s the first poster for Boll’s upcoming videogame movie adaptation of “Far Cry”, the first person shooter where you play some guy who shoots some other guys on an island while being chased by more guys. I think somewhere along there monsters show up. Or not. Hey, it’s been a while, okay?

An adaptation of the first-person-shooter video game where Jack Carver, a retired Special Forces Officer who now is transport for hire, by people and cargo. On one particular trip Jack ferries a photographer ‘Val’ who wants to photograph old Japanese WW2 bases on some of the Micronesian islands. He goes through hell when his boat is attacked and destroyed by an unknown party while Val is away. Surviving by the skin of his teeth, he must now find Val and uncover what is truly happening on these dark and mysterious islands.

According to the poster (via), the movie stars some dude name Til Schweiger, who I believe is a German dude you probably thought was a girl if you just heard the name, not realizing that he’s actually a buff badass. Probably.

The film co-stars the luscious Emmanuelle Vaugier, the late Don S. Davis, some people name Carrie Genzel, Udo Kier, and Ralf Moeller, and of course, the always watchable Michael Paré.

Coming to a theater near you sometime in 2008. Well, probably not, but you know, one can dream, right? (Wait for it on DVD, is what I’m trying to say.)

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Far Cry Movie Poster