Uzi-Packing Thor vs. Richard Grieco in Almighty Thor Trailer

Who says all Thor needs is his precious hammer to save the day? Whoever said that has never seen the boys at the infamous Asylum production company in action. In the Aslyum’s latest mockbuster, “Almighty Thor”, the God of Thunder also packs an Uzi. Hopefully he’s got some spare clips in his manfur, cause Richard Grieco as the evil Loki looks mighty dangerous, if by “dangerous” you mean hilarious.

“Almighty Thor” will try to cash in on Marvel Studios’ “Thor” when it arrives on the SyFy May 7th (yes, just a day after Marvel’s “Thor” opens in theaters May 6) and will then be available on DVD and for download via VOD on May 10th.

(Look, I’m sorry, but if you’re walking through a video store and you see the box cover for “Almighty Thor” and think it’s the same “Thor” as the big-budget one that just opened in theaters the day before, you deserve to lose your hard-earned money. Consider it a tax for being stupid.)

The movie co-stars Cody Deal as Thor, Patricia Velasquez as Jarnsaxa, and wrestler Kevin Nash as Odin.