Uzumasa Jacopetti Features Cow Slaughter and Magnet Houses. Obviously.

Uzumasa Jacopetti (2013) Movie Image

I blame David Lynch and 90s indie cinema for my fascination with this sort of stuff. Trashy psychotronic nonsense shouldn’t appeal to me anymore, but I still find myself watching this junk more often than I should. Director Moriro Miyamoto’s “Uzumasa Jacopetti” should appeal to those who adore Shion Sono’s “Cold Fish” and the like. The embedded trailer is kooky, odd, and violent, which seems to be staple of black comedies from Japan.

Here’s what you can expect from the story:

Set in Uzumasa, Kyoto, Shoji Hyakkan lives with his wife and kid happily. He then begins to build a house held together by magnets. One night, Koji steals and kills a cow, to use its cowhide as decoration wall material for his magnet house. By chance, Police Officer Kobayakawa happens to see what Shoji Hyakkan is doing. Police Officer Kobayakawa then offers Shoji a deal.

Fortunately for those of you living in Japan, “Uzumasa Jacopetti” opened in theaters on June 29, 2013. Here’s hoping this one finds its way onto one streaming service or another in the coming months. The obnoxious 90s indie film nerd living in my soul will probably love it to death. That trailer I mentioned? It’s right down there.

By the way — this clip might not be suitable for all audiences. If you’re watching it at work, then you should probably make sure your boss loves boobies and violence.

Uzumasa Jacopetti

Via : Far East Films