Val Kilmer Walks the Streets of Blood with 50 Cent

While it’s true that Val Kilmer’s movie career has fizzled a bit, at least in comparison to its Batman heyday, the man still has enough cred to get roles in big Hollywood movies, so I’m surprised why he decides to do these very moderately budgeted direct-to-DVD action movies like the recent “Conspiracy”, and now, “Streets of Blood”. The action-drama has Kilmer (pictured, left) teaming up with rapper 50 Cent, Sharon Stone (pictured, below), and Dylan McDermott for a movie about a post-Katrina New Orleans.

Variety has more on the movie:

“Streets” centers on the relationship between two police officers dealing with the lawlessness of New Orleans in the post-Katrina environment. Story’s by Eugene Hess and Dennis Fanning, with Hess penning the screenplay.

The only problem I see with the movie is that, well, they tried this exact same premise on the TV show K-ville, and it got cancelled pretty fast.

Sharon Stone in Streets of Blood