Val Kilmer’s Direct-to-Video Dominance Continues with Double Identity

It’s easy to see why Val Kilmer keeps cranking out these cheap, straight-to-video thrillers every other month. For the most part, these shoddy features require little to no effort on his part; the guys just shows up to the set, does his shtick in front of the camera, collects a sizable check, and returns home to celebrate his accomplishment. The man’s latest effort, director Dennis Dimster’s 2009 action/adventure “Double Identity” (aka “Fake Identity”), really doesn’t look any different than the fourteen thousand films he’s released over the past five years. Kilmer stars as an American physician working in Bulgaria who, for one reason or another, is mistaken for a secret government operative. Espionage and intrigue promptly ensue. Petty criticism aside, I’ll probably end up watching the damned thing, mostly because I have no life and I’m a sucker for low-budget action movies. How impossibly pathetic and depressing.

“Double Identity” will dazzle your senses when it hits DVD on February 23rd.