Vampire Flick The Bleeding Finally Gets a Trailer. Unfortunately.

Anchor Bay Entertainment has finally released a trailer for the long-delayed vampire movie “The Bleeding”. Unfortunately, the wait hasn’t exactly been worth it. That is, if you were waiting for it. This … does not look like a very good movie. Michael Madsen looks like the best thing about it, plus I think Armand Assante shows up at some point to do something, though I’m not really sure what. Rapper DMX and tattoo chick Katherine von Drachenberg aka Kat Von D co-stars alongside leads Rachelle Leah and Michael Matthias. Vinnie Jones plays a pimp vampire. Or something.

Shawn Black (Matthias) knows pain. His parents and brother were killed in front of him. Beaten, bloodied and left for dead by a gang of ruthless vampires led by the charismatic Cain (Jones) and his lethal lieutenant Vanya (Kat Von D). But like his would-be murderers, Shawn has come back from the brink of death to take his revenge. He soon comes upon Reverend Roy (Madsen), who reveals to Shawn his calling as a “slayer,” the only human capable of truly destroying vampires.

Dark, brooding and with a palpable layer of cowboy justice, THE BLEEDING spins a tale of otherworldly influences running headlong into the very human thirst for revenge. Redemption comes with a heavy, and bloody, price in THE BLEEDING.

Bleeding onto DVD from Anchor Bay March 1, 2011.