Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren Back for Universal Soldier 4 – in 3D

Well this is a surprise. Deadline reports that Jean-Claude Van Damme and his “Universal Soldier” buddy/arch-nemesis Dolph Lundgren will be re-teaming yet again for yet another “Universal Soldier” movie, this one to be shot in 3D. Mark Damon’s Foresight company has been busy selling the sequel in Cannes, with shooting already set to roll as early as October.

John Hyams, who directed the last “Universal Soldier” movie “Regeneration”, which also pitted Van Damme’s undying super soldier against Lundgren’s equally undying but strangely poetic super psycho killer, will once again be helming. Given Hyams’ history in the world of MMA, expect the latest popular MMA fighters to show up in bit parts to do their thing in the sequel.

I gotta say, I found “Regeneration” to be pretty entertaining, at least when Van Damme’s character finally stopped playing house with a British doctor and put on the fatigues. I also thought Lundgren didn’t get nearly enough screentime, so hopefully both of those things will be rectified in the fourth installment.

Here’s my suggestion for the title: “Universal Soldier: Cause They Ain’t Too Old For This Shit. Plus, it’s In 3D! Like, Duh. You Kids Love 3D, Don’t You?” Too long?

'For the last time, Dolph, I like you, but not in that way!'