Van Damme to Stylishly Drop Kick Horror in The Breed

While at Cannes talking about up his new upcoming movie “Weapon”, which he’ll co-star alongside Vinnie Jones as ace assassins who must put their problems aside to team up against a common enemy, Jean-Claude Van Damme also announced that he would be doing a horror movie (his first, it would appear) called “The Breed”.

Says the Muscles from Brussels (via Arrow in the Head):

“This summer I will make a new movie with a famous director called WEAPON. After that I will make a horror movie called THE BREED. Its a great story, great script with true emotion. I want to show the fans i am transferable. i wanted to make a horror movie a few years back but the script was weak and had no direction.

BREED is different it’s set in a village where strange things happen………………….You know, let the movie speak for itself!”

The “famous director” he speaks off is Russell Mulcahy. I personally like to call him the notoriously hit and miss famous director Russell Mulcahy.

Anyways, onto “The Breed”. Apparently it’s a “great story” with “true emotion”, whatever that means. But I’ll definitely give it a shot when it shows up. You gotta wonder, though, if Van Damme will just end up slow-motion kicking a werewolf or vampire or demon in the head…

Below: Now picture Van Damme flying into frame with a flying kick to the face…in slow motion…