Vantage Point Leads Box Office

American moviegoers love it when you shoot a sitting President and then put a conspiracy behind it, thus the Dennis Quaid political actioner “Vantage Point” took first place at the box office with a healthy $24 million, not bad a for movie that didn’t really open with any real buzz. The weekend’s only other opening film, “Be Kind Rewind”, managed a measly $4 million.

Last week’s #1, Doug Liman’s “Jumper” landed at second place with $12 million (with a 2-week total of $56 million), while last week’s #2, “Step Up 2: The Streets” continues its surprise showing with a fourth place finish; it grossed $9 million (for a 2-week total of $49 million). I guess kids really like dancing movies. In the streets. Um.

The other surprise, “The Spiderwick Chronicles”, continues to be the fantasy franchise wannabe to beat in 2008, earning $12.6 million in its second week, for a total of $43 million in two weeks of release.

Here’s how the Top 10 shaped up:

1 —–Vantage Point —–$24,000,000
2 —–Jumper —–$12,650,000
3 —–The Spiderwick Chronicles —–$12,600,000
4 —–Step Up 2 the Streets —–$9,787,000
5 —–Fool’s Gold —–$6,270,000
6 —–Definitely, Maybe —–$5,184,000
7 —–Be Kind Rewind —–$4,100,000 $
8 —–Juno —–$4,100,000
9 —–Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins —–$3,989,000
10 —–There Will Be Blood —–$2,561,000

Vantage Point Leads Box Office